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The Pet EXhibition Helsinki

In Finland alone, there are approximately half a million dogs and even a million cats – if not more!!

Cats and dogs are undoubtedly the most popular pets in Finland. In addition to these, Finnish households often have other pets, such as rodents, birds, or reptiles. It’s important for prospective pet owners to know the specific needs and quirks of each species in advance. At the Pet Expo, you’ll find extensive information about different animal species. Several species-specific associations at the expo can help answer any questions you may have.

The Pet Exhibition Helsinki brings together animal lovers and pets

Over the weekend, furry, feathered, scaly, and scaleless pets will be showcased – there’s plenty to admire and love in many halls!

The Pet Exhibition Helsinki 12-13 April 2025

Taking part in the event:


These pets are rightfully called humans’ best friends – with a dog, the companionship never ends, they’re there for you even on your worst days, always greeting their owner with joy. A dog is a beloved family member and the best companion for activities.


In Finnish households, there are already up to 600,000 cats, which could soon make it a more popular pet than a dog. Cats are known to be more social and easier to care for than dogs, which increases their popularity, especially in families with children. Also featured at the expo is the cat breed show organized by the Cat Fanciers of Finland.


At the Pet Exhibition Helsinki, you can get acquainted with rodents as pets. There are experts giving talks on rodents as pets and organizations enlightening visitors about the care of rodents. The expo is bustling with guinea pigs, hamsters, pet rats, gerbils, and degus, among others.


At the Pet Exhibition Helsinki, you have the opportunity to admire pet birds, learn about bird care, and hear what to consider when keeping birds as pets..


There will be several different aquarium setups, along with information about aquarium fish and aquarium care.

Pet rabbits

Pet rabbits require a lot of space, exercise, enrichment, and social interaction.

The program invites you to get to know the pets