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For companies Exhibitor’s guide


For companies Exhibitor’s guide

Exhibitor's guide

Important information and dates

  • Update your company profile in eMessukeskus under Market your participation no later than 28 February 2025.
  • Check the visibility name before 1 April 2025 to make it into the printed exhibition guide.
  • Structures and furniture can be ordered through eMessukeskus under Order products and services. Placing your order by 10 March 2025, you will acquire the products at a lower cost. Save money by placing your order in advance!
    • 11 March 2025 prices will increase by 20%
    • 31 March 2025 prices will increase by 50%
    • 13 April 2025 prices will increase by 100%
  • Register co-exhibitors participating in your joint stand through eMessukeskus (section Co-exhibitors) at the latest on28 February 2025 and ensure their visibility in the event info. Co-exhibitors will be granted their own company-specific account and ID to use eMessukeskus. Co-exhibitors will be charged a registration fee according to the event-specific participation conditions. The registration fee for co-exhibitors for this event is 440 € + VAT.

The opening hours of the event will be specified later

eMessukeskus on näytteilleasettajien asiointipalvelu. eMessukeskuksesta voit varata osaston tuleviin tapahtumiin, tilata tuotteita ja palveluita messuosastollesi ja huolehtia tapahtuman valmisteluista.

Ilmoita osasto-ohjelmastanne eMessukeskuksessa kohdassa  Kerro ohjelmastasi niin se julkaistaan tapahtuman nettisivuilla ja saat ilmaista näkyvyyttä ohjelmallenne.

Täältä pääset eMessukeskukseen >

Communication and marketing

Does your stand offer a specific programme during the event? Update the programme to eMessukeskus (under Programme) to ensure its publication on our event website – this will guarantee you additional visibility completely free of charge.

Don’t forget to share your event participation and new product releases taking place during the event in your own marketing and communications channels such as social media. You can use the event logos, banners and images to advertise your attendance without restrictions.


This event uses electronic, free of charge eInvitations which allows you to reach hundreds of customers with just one click. The invitation can be customized with your own greeting and photos. The eInvitation tool and instructions can be found through eMessukeskus under Invite your customers.


Stand planning

Depending on your needs, we can deliver a customised stand plan with implementation, or you may choose from three different options that are ready-to-use. Reusability of structural materials and energy efficiency in lighting are key aspects of our stand packages.

If you have ordered graphic products or if your stand includes graphic products, please remember to send the necessary materials to by 19 March 2025 at the latest. A 50% surcharge will be added to orders submitted late.

Materials required for graphic products:

  • Print-ready PDF files (please check the material guide that came with your order confirmation)
  • Header texts/logos


We price according to price periods. The earlier you place an order, the more you will save on the required products and services. Furthermore, you can ensure the availability of necessary products.

Structures and furniture can be ordered through eMessukeskus under Order products and services. Placing your order by 11.8.2024, you will acquire the products at a lower cost. Save money by placing your order in advance!

11 March 2025 prices will increase by 20%
31 March 2025 prices will increase by 50%
13 April 2025 prices will increase by 100%

More information:


You can conveniently email or send passes to your event team members mobile device through eMessukeskus. The pass holder can print it in advance through the email link or the pass can alternatively be printed at any of the entrances of the exhibition centre or at our Exhibition Office. Badge pockets for passes are available at the entrances and the Exhibition Office.

You can create as many passes as necessary.

The exhibitor pass is for your personnel at the stand during the fair. This pass is personal and valid during the construction, event and dismantling periods of the event. The pass must be always visible during the event. In addition, the pass enables its holder to enter the Exhibitors’ Lounge together with benefits for purchasing goods (including lunch for exhibitors and discounts in Compass Group cafes). The constructor pass is valid during the construction and dismantling periods of the event.


During the exhibition

A barrier-free parking system Autopay by Europark is in use at Messukeskus. Parking charges are collected by Europark.


The Exhibition Office assists exhibitors and constructors during the construction and opening hours of the event regarding matters such as stand orders.


The Exhibitors’ Lounge is open during the opening hours of the event. The Exhibitors’ Lounge can be found on the 2nd floor in Siipi conference area. The door code is presented on the exhibitor pass.

You are welcome to come and enjoy a cup of coffee in the Exhibitors’ Lounge. The space has a small kitchenette together with toilets and showers. The exhibitor priced buffet lunch is served in restaurant Platta on the 1st floor of Siipi conference area. You can book lunches for the staff conveniently through an app.

Never leave valuables accessible when the exhibition day ends. Take care of all necessary insurances and consider renting possible safety accessories such as showcases, locks or security cables for computers and / or monitors.

In like manner we are prepared to take care of other possible security needs regarding your stand. These needs can be addressed with our security services partner Securitas. Read more about the available security services on eMessukeskus under Products & services in the category Safety (under Stand services).

Mark items delivered to our Construction Service as follows:

Messukeskus Helsinki / Name of the event
Name of the exhibitor, stand number
Contact person and tel. number
Messuaukio 1


Corporate customers can connect to the Messukeskus Exhibitor wireless network at Messukeskus. This network is separate from the Messukeskus network used by our visitors.

We will provide the password in a customer message before the event, but you can always find the password in eMessukeskus.

We are also able to meet any additional corporate network needs, wired or wireless, which you can explore on eMessukeskus. Our contact person can also help with any practical questions you might have.

To eMessukeskus

Behind Messukeskus’ restaurant services is Northern Europe’s leading restaurant operator, Noho Partners, whose Restaurants & Event Catering guarantees high-quality restaurant services wherever and whenever it happens. Galas, parties, meetings, events and of course trade fairs are located on a different side of the hall – so are our restaurants and catering.

Stand services
It is possible for business customers to pre-order catering for their trade fair stand through the online store. We can grant corporate membership to Finnish companies.


If you want to order booth catering without corporate membership or the company does not have a Finnish business-identification number, you can contact us at

When ordering stand catering, please remember to think about furniture needs also:
Restaurant services sales help in planning furniture needs and orders furniture for you from Messukeskus stand service. Furniture costs are charged on the same invoice with catering. Serving furniture brought separately to stand/ events is not included in the prices of servings.

Food and drink tickets
You can order electronic food and drink tickets based on QR codes for the amount you want or choose a specific product, the tickets are distributed electronically, or they can also be printed. The ticket serves as a means of payment in selected restaurants, and the tickets of corporate customers are charged according to usage.

It is possible to purchase tickets from the online store without corporate membership also with an advance payment by choosing online payment as the payment method.



You can reach the Restaurants & Event Catering sales team by email:
or by phone +358 41 732 3712, the sales service is open Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On-site exhibitor restaurant service during the event:

Phone: +358 41 732 3862