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Reach pet owners, exhibition enthusiasts, and prospective pet owners all at once.

The Pet Exhibition Helsinki is a comprehensive event for all pet enthustiasts and their families. Visitors come to enjoy various programs, purchase pet supplies, meet professionals, and connect with dedicated hobbyists at association booths.

At the expo, you can network face-to-face with new and potential customers. The event showcases dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, reptiles, fish, and birds. It includes dynamic demonstrations by dog enthusiasts, presentations on different hobbies and breeds, exhibitions, quality programs, and a diverse range of pet supply vendors.

Bring your business to the Pet Exhibition Helsinki

The event is held concurrently with the Children’s Fair and Food Fair. In 2024, the combined events attracted an impressive 45,900 visitors over Saturday and Sunday.

The Pet Exhibition Helsinki 12-13 April 2025

Key Figures for the year 2024

At the event you´ll encounter

  • Pet owners
  • Exhibition enthusiasts
  • Agility enthusiasts
  • Prospective pet owners
  • Families
  • Dog lovers
  • Cat lovers

Featured at the event

  • Pets
  • Pet supplies
  • Pet foods and services
  • Industry publications
  • Pet-themed home decor products
  • Products and services required for pet hobbies
  • Industry associations and organizations

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Nothing can replace the magic of in-person encounters which fairs provide. Fairs enable you to create meaningful human moments with thousands of potential customers at once, and we’ll help you design the campaign of your dreams—the sky is the limit! Boost your sales, launch your product, expand your customer base, and increase your brand’s visibility—a tailored target group will be waiting for you.

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We help you efficiently meet the right visitors. You can choose the most suitable way to be visible at the event with a booth, in Messukeskus advertising spaces, and in event marketing. Check out the prices and opportunities and ask for more information – we’re happy to assist.

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