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Reach your target groups at Pet Exhibition

The event will be organised on 20–21 April 2024.

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The event brings together pets of all shapes and sizes under the same roof

Visitors will have the chance to see and stroke guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, pet rats, ferrets, chinchillas, gerbils, degus and other pet rodents. Aquarium, reptile and bird associations bring an interesting addition to the event.

Reach pet owners, show enthusiasts and prospective pet owners in one go

Visitors can enjoy a varied and informative program on the info flash stage and meet dedicated enthusiasts at associations’ stands. The highly popular Child Fair will be organized from Friday to Sunday simultaneously with PetExhibition Helsinki 2023. In previous years, these events have together attracted approximately 60,000 visitors to Messukeskus.

Visitor TOP5 reasons to attend


  1. Pets
  2. Pet food
  3. Pet accessories, magazines and books
  4. Pet associations
  5. Pet services

Exhibitors reasons to attend


Raising company awareness 80 %
Meeting clients 60 %
Acquiring new contacts 47 %
Marketing product and service selection 40 %

% of the visitors were satisfied with the event in general

% plan to attend the next fair

% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the event as a whole

% of exhibitors will attend the next fair

Want to participate in Pet Exhibition Helsinki?

I´ll help you with your participation!


Laura Asmala

Sales Manager
+358 45 787 22012